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Stephen P. Dollarhite / Dalehite
Desoto County, Mississippi

Stephen P. Dollarhite, b. 1825 in N.C., d. 1913 in Desoto County, Mississippi was the son of Hiram B. Dollarhite of North Carolina. His siblings were James L., Patrick Henry, Rufas P. and  Caroline. Stephen arrived in Desoto County in early 1851. 

Stephen Married three times: 1. Parilee McAninch, children Mary b. 1857, Lee Jackson b. 1864,  John b. 1868;  2. Caladonia McPeak: children Charlotte b. 1872,  Walter b. 1875, Sally b. 1878, George b. 1880; 3. Sarah Thornton no children. 

He changed the spelling of his name in 1855 and then changed back before he died.

Stephen's brother James L. Dollarhite,  b. 1819 in N.C., died in 1893 in Desoto County Mississippi.  He married Mary Rhodes and had children Adolphus, 1847-1859, William Akins,  1845-1918, Charles Rufus, 1850-1819, James Hiram, 1854-1930, Martha L., 1855-1857, Robert M., 1860-1934 and Emily, 1860-1934. Adolphus, Martha, and Robert were all victims of scarlet fever.

Stephen's brother Patrick Henry Dollarhite/Dalehite, b. 1843 in N.C. married Mary Catherine Moore. Children Hiram and Julia, both died young. Other children were Wiley Gordon, 1886-1960, Charles and Ellen. Patrick also changed spelling to Dalehite.

Stephen's brother Rufus Dollarhite /Dalehite, b. 1831in N.C. married Arabella McAninch . They had one son Robert . Robert ran away as a teenager to Galveston, Texas.  He later married Emma Leatherman and operated the Dalehite Boat Line in Galveston.

Stephen's sister Caroline Dollarhite, b. 1831 in N.C. was married to William Herndon.

Stephen's son Lee Jackson Dalehite, b. 1864 in Love Mississippi and d. 1957 in Cherry Valley Arkansas.  He married Minnie Osteen 1893 had one daughter May. His second marriage to Ollie Perry in 1910 produced children Willard, Woodrow, Eva, Parailee, Jessie and Robert.   Lee Jackson is the grandfather and Eva is the mother of Martha Atkinson of Desoto County, Mississippi, also pictured on this site. 

According to Martha Atkinson, Stephen's line from progenitor Francis Dollahide is surmised to be as follows:

Francis de-la-Hyde/Dollarhide 1680 Baltimore Md.
Francis Dollarhide Jr. Maryland
Cornelious Dollarhide Maryland
James Dollarhide
Hiram B. Dollarhide N.C.

The picture on this page and all of the information provided by Martha Atkinson.

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