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Head stone from Skerries graveyard, County Dublin, 
of Richard Delahoyde, 15th century.

The Delahoyde Family came from Normandy to England in the wake of the Norman Invasion (1066)

They seemed to have settled at Stadham Buckinghamshire. They came to Ireland either with or shortly after the arrival Strongbow in 1169 and were granted lands in Meath and North County Dublin.

The Loughshinny Delahoydes seem to have been a junior branch of the family but kept in contact with the Meath Branch. Some of them being taken back to Moyglare the first area where the family had settled for burial.

Year 1220 Casmo De la hoyde was the last of Abbot of Holmpatrick Abbey (Skerries) of St Patrick's Island.before it was removed from the island to the mainland where Homepatrick Cemetery now is.

1228 King Henry 111 granted letters of protection for Rodger Delahoyde in the service of William Marshall Earl of Pembroke.

1243 John Delahoyde was granted the Manor of Balmadun in West Balrothery. The church there was built in 1276 and the family held the patronage of this church until 1532 when it passed to lord of Gormanstown. The church is in ruins since 1630.

1288 Edward 1 granted to the nuns of St Hoges (Howth) to elect and abbess in place of Isolda delahoyde deceased.

1272 1307 John Delahoyde performed services for various expeditions of Edward 1.

Delahoyde Coat of Arms
revived and used by the village of Loughshinny.
Visit the Loughshinny web site.

Mylene Delahoyde Floyd of Balbriggan County, Dublin, Ireland is providing the images and information for this page. She writes, "When I look out my front window, I'm looking out at the Irish Sea and the Harbour at Skerries and only about six miles from Loughshinny were the Delahoydes started in the 11th century. My father was Patrick Delahoyde from Skerries in North Couty Dublin. My grandfather was Richard Delahoyde born 1874, the Lough Skerries, North County Dublin and my great grandfather was Patrick Delahoyde, also from the Lough Skerries."

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