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Date:  May 01, 2000 


Carey Dollarhide Gibson

City/State: Spring Branch, Texas
Country: USA
Comments: Hello there fellow Dollarhides, I am hoping to find information on my ancestry - My line is from arkansas. My grand daddy was Joseph Raney Dollarhide from Hot Springs, AR, his brother was Doyle Dollarhide. I was refered to this web page by another Dollarhide. What a wonderful surprise.

 Date:  April 28, 2000 

Name: Tina Haumesser
City/State: Hollis,OK
Country: USA
Comments: I'm a decendent of Joel Haven Dollarhide. One of his daughters.Francis Elziabeth is the Mother of my Grandfather-George Dewey Oldaker. My Mother is Martha Rose Oldaker-Glasspoole. Any other info. will be happily welcomed. Thanks.

 Date: April 28, 2000 

Name: Joy Miller
City/State: NC
Country: USA
Comments: Looking for information on Dollarhide/Dollarhyde from Va

 Date:  April 25, 2000 

Name: Omega Pearce Murphy
City/State: CA
Country: USA
Comments: My great-grandmother was Cordelia Angeline ("Angie") Dollarhide (b.1847 and d. 1930 in Rocky Comfort--now Foreman, AR), who married Freedom Pearce abt 1868. Angie was one of nine children born to James Samples Dollarhide (b.1818 in Helms County, KY, d.1899 in Foreman, AR) and Mary King. After Mary died, he married her sister Martha and had 13 more children. I am hoping James S. Dollarhide will be included in a future installment?

 Date:  April 24, 2000 

Name: Craig Dollerhide
City/State: Wasilla/Alaska
Country: US
Comments: Hey all, pretty cool site! I wonder if we are related? My father is Floyd Dollerhide from Illinios, and his father was Charles Holmes or Holmes Charles (I'm not sure) Dollerhide who is originaly from western Texas somewhere.....

 Date:  April 24, 2000 

Name: Rose Porter
City/State: Eagle Point Oregon
Country: U.S.A
Comments: My mom is a Dollarhide. Her Father is Richard Dollarhide.

 Date:  April 19, 2000 

Name: Darrel Dollarhide
City/State: grove,Ok
Country: usa
Comments: feel free to email me...would like to have contact with family

 Date:  April 18, 2000 

Name: vicki wood
City/State: lawton ok
Country: usa
Comments: I believe at this point that my ggrandfather John Cornelius of AR, son of Robert James DOLLAHITE may have been descended from the Wiley, Cornelius Alexander line of Rusk and Harrison Co. TX line. Can anyone verify this?

Date:  April 15, 2000 

Name: jimmie Johnston
City/State: San Jose, Ca
Comments: My mother was a Dollarhide. She is a decendent of Thomas Henry Dollarhide and Annie Eliza Ferguson, John C. Dollarhide and Susan Richards,and John Dollarhide and Jemima Osborne. Some of these names are spelled different in different Information I find. I am hoping to find which of the Dollarhide sons you mentioned is John's father, I have he was born in N.C. in 1782. I have information about the above, if anyone wants to write me.e-mail

Date:  April 15, 2000 

Name: Kelly Sargent
City/State: Springport, MI
Country: USA
Comments: One more thing, Mr. Dollarhide this site is wonderful. The work you have done is amazing and I thank you for making it so easy for me to find my ancestry. I would like to make one correction though, #153.iii. list my father as Greg, his name was Craig Edward Hunter. Once again thank you so much for all you have done. Kelly

 Date:April 15, 2000 

Name: Kelly Sargent
City/State: Springport, MI
Country: USA
Comments: Rev.John is my ggg grandfather, gg Willian Henry Harrison, g Amasa Renolds, grandfather Derald Raymond, mother Julie Elva Dollarhide. This is wonderful, I have a complete history now. Thank You So Much. Would love to talk with any relatives or give any info I can. Kelly

Date: April 12, 2000 

Name: Patty Dollarhide
City/State: Muskogee OK
Country: USA
Comments: My grandfather was Charles Burr Dollarhide. Two of his elderly sisters are still living in Stillwater, Mary Dell Long and Zelma Dollarhide. My father was Lewis Dollarhide, and I have three brothers. I actually live in New England now, but all my family is in OK. I have some family records and photos of Charles Burr Dollarhide's large family. I know of quite a few Dollarhide's in OK, but am unaware of family connections with most of them.

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