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Date:  March 26, 2000 

Name: Robert E. Lee
City/State: Hood River Oregon
Country: usa
Comments: My name is Robert E Lee. My mother is Annie Elizabeth Dollarhide Lee. My father was Earl Lee. My grandfather was Wade Dollarhide and my grandmother was Nellie Maggard Dollarhide. James Dollarhide and Liza Roberts were my g-grandparents. My mother and her brother Ernest live in Jay Oklahoma.

Date:  March 22, 2000

Name: Mike Abbott
City/State: Mt. Vernon, WA
Comments: My Dopllarhide line runs from my Mom. Decendency = Mary Alice, my Mom, Ulyssus, John M., James Asahel John etc.... Have 20 years info on the family, willing to help as I can.

 Date:  March 09, 2000 

Name: Cecil Shope
City/State: Universal City, TX
Country: USA
Comments: I am looking for information on Mary Dollarhide, born abt 1791, in Stokes or Caswell Cos, NC. She married John Gabriel Shope in NC. They moved to Scioto Co, OH where they lived til they died. This is all the information that I have on Mary. I would appreciate any information that anyone might have. Thank you, Cecil Shope

Date:  March 05, 2000 

Name: Donna Scott
City/State: Mojave,CA
Country: USA
Comments: I am the great grandaughter of Della Dollahide(daughter of Daniel Webster Dollahite and Mary Ann Elizabeth Keith) Does anyone have any info on Della's siblings? Thanks Bill for all your hard work and research and especially for sharing.

Date:  February 19, 2000 

Name: Marline Worsham
City/State: CA
Country: USA
Comments: I am a Dollahite from line of Cornelius Dollahite. Where is Cornelius buried in TN?

Date:  February 17, 2000 

Name: Anne Dollarhide
Comments: My name is Anne Dollarhide. I have been trying to find a link to to my family on the Dollarhide web site. My grandfather was Haven C Dollarhide, born in Stuart, NE 1907. His father was William Dollarhide, married to Molly Magnus. I have been told that Williams father was Absalom Dollarhide. Does anyone have any information on Absalom? I noticed a Joel Haven Dollarhide. Haven is such an odd name, that I'm assuming there is a direct connection. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

 Date:  January 06, 2000

Name: Lillian Dollarhide
Comments: Hi! i never realized that there were so many dollarhides. My dad is Troy Dollarhide,He has a brother named Earl. I am not sure about the rest of them. I believe that i dad was born in Arizon. Don't know alot cause we seldom keep in touch. I have an older brother named Troy Edward Dollarhide Jr and a sister named Gay Ann Dollarhide. I know there mom lives in Baytown texas and her name is Cathy.I have lost touch with them so if anyone has seen them?? or knows of them i would greatly appreciate any info on them.THanks!!

 Date:  January 03, 2000 

Name: Jason Dollarhide
City/State: Gilbert,AZ
Comments: I just finished reading the lineage of Rev. John Dollarhide. I am a fifth generation Dollarhide. I am actually listed in the lineage. You have no idea what this all means to me. Thank You so much!!! I will be happy to give you any information about me or my family. Please E mail me.

 Date:  January 03, 2000 

Name: Jason Dollarhide
City/State: Gilbert,AZ
Comments: appears I am not alone!! :) Most of the Dollarhide relatives I know are from N. California on up to the Pacific NW. If anyone has info about the Dollarhides in this neck o' the woods, I would really appreciate it

 Date:  December 13, 1999 

Name: David Curtis Dollahite
City/State: Provo/UT
Homepage: and
Comments: I would love to learn more about the Delahyde family in Ireland & England and how I can assist in finding out more about the history of the family there. Thanks! David Dollahite

Date:  December 04, 1999

Name: Mylene Delahoyde
City/State: London
Country: England
Comments: Hi My name is mylene, i come from Ireland, although i'm living in England at the moment. My father was Patrick Delahoyde from Skerries North County Dublin. My grand father was Richard Delahoyde born in (1874) great grandfather Patrick Delahoyde from the Lough in Skerries, All decendents of the Delahoyde family that came to Ireland with the Norman Invasion.

| Date:  November 23, 1999 

Name: RebeccaDollarhide Sharp
City/State: Oklahoma
Country: USA
Comments: i forgot to mention, if anyone has any information on my family Grand father is Ernest Dollarhide and his father was Wade Dollarhide and his father was James Dollarhide...and he was married to (James) a Mary Dollarhide i believe..dont know any family history and very interested in finding my far as i know my family came from either or Virgina , Kentucky Great Great Grandfather was suppose to have owned a coal mine in Kentucky or Virgina and was found shot in the back in a if anyone knows a story like this one please feel free to contact me wanting to know my family and its history..thanks Rebecca

Date: November 23, 1999 

Name: Rebecca Dollarhide Sharp
City/State: grove ok
Country: usa
Comments: i see there are alot of us out there wanting to know our family...i hardly know any Dollarides and wanting to know more if anyone wants to contact me please feel free....thank you ..Rebecca

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