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 Date: November 23, 1999 

Name: Rebecca Dollarhide Sharp
City/State: grove ok
Country: usa
Comments: i see there are alot of us out there wanting to know our family...i hardly know any Dollarides and wanting to know more if anyone wants to contact me please feel free....thank you ..Rebecca

Date:  November 19, 1999 

Name: Melene Betts
City/State: Grove Ok
Country: ott
Comments: My Grandma was Annie Elizabeth Dollarhide and her father was Wade Dollarhide and her mother was Nillie (Maggard)Dollarhide. Wades father was Jim Dollarhide and his mother was Eliza (Roberts) Dollarhide. If you have any information please email me i would really appreciate it. We are having a hard time trying to find out our family tree so any information you could give me would be really helpful. Thank You, Melene (Knight)Betts

 Date:  November 15, 1999 

Name: Kelly Rossow Johnson
City/State: Clearwater, NE
Country: USA
Comments: Hi..Please forgive the intrusion into your families web site.. In the late 1970s I had a foster sister named Iva Dollarhide..she would be aprox. 35 years old. Im not sure where she came from, but we were in foster care in Columbus NE together. If anyone has any info on her it would be greatly apprciated..we were the best of friends and we considered each other family. Thank you.

 Date:  November 14, 1999

Name: Clarice W. Cox
City/State: Memphis,TN
Comments: Still addressing William Dollarhides note. My first reply didn't go through, but Mary Dollerhide married Thomas Cox and they had their first two children in NC and moved to Henry,Co., IN about 1811. Thomas died in 1822 leaving the first recorded will in that County. My big persuit is to figure out which Dollarhide family Mary belonged to and it appears it could be Asahels. Thanks for your note, Bill.

 Date:  November 14, 1999 

Name: Clarice W. Cox
City/State: Memphis,TN
Country: U.S.A.
Comments: In looking over William Dollerhide's notes on Hezekiel Dollerhide I mispoke, its the Ashahel Dollarhide I shall persue and will try to get the book he reccomended on the ancestors of Marian Co., IN.I've already gotten a lot of the Cox history as thats where the Coxes migrated to after leaving Henry Co., IN.My husbanbs father, gr.father and father were all born there.

Date: November 13, 1999 

Name: Deryl Adams
City/State: Lawton, OK
Comments: Hi, I'm the son of Shirley Dollarhide, whose father was Opal Dollarhide from the Oklahoma/Arkansas area. Anyone familiar with that "branch"?

 Date:  November 05, 1999 

Name: dave dollarhide
City/State: Germantown,Maryland
Country: usa
Comments: none

 Date: October 27, 1999 

Country: USA

 Date: October 26, 1999 

City/State: salisbury/nc
Country: usa
Comments: im 22 and was wonderin how many more of us are out there

Date: October 16, 1999 

Name: Shirley Abrahamson
City/State: Salt Lake City Utah
Comments: I wrote previously since my Mother's Grandfather was Rev. John Dollarhide, who is buried at Woodbridge, Ca..

Date:  October 07, 1999 

Name: Douglas Rance Dollarhide
City/State: Stockton, CA
Country: USA
Comments: I am Douglas Rance Dollarhide, son of Rance Dollarhide, Grandson of John Samuel Dollarhide and Liddie Dollarhide, and Cousin of Grady Doyle Dollarhide. I am interested in hearing from anyone who thinks they may be related.

 Date:  October 04, 1999 

Name: Mavis Hensley Sager
City/State: Avon Park,Fl
Country: USA
Comments: Loved your page & the music! Have 2nd grgrandmother named Rebecca Dollahyde-married a Mc Call--do we hang on your tree?

Date: October 01, 1999 

Name: Cherr`ie L Berry
City/State: Palmdale,CA
Country: U.S.A.
Comments: Hello family, my cousin e-mailed me and gave me this site I was a Berry (married now a McElroy) I have kept close ties with my Grandma Berry I call her Minnie her husband was a Berry and his wife was Dellie (Della Ann) Dollahide so this is where I am at this song is so cool and it is kind of funny that you would pick this song (no compaints what so ever) but I hear alot of my family members play it. My grandpa Berry past away here in CA., and his father was Abraham Berry. Ihave more info. I do need to organize it I did start with my Grandma she is the Apple of my eye and my best friend. I hope to hear from you all.Does anyone out know more information on Dellie (Della Ann) Dollahide from Panola Co. Miss. Have a great weekend, keep in touch at

Date:  September 29, 1999

Name: Laura Dollarhide Gray
City/State: Overland Park/KS
Country: USA
Comments: Daughter of John Bohlman Dollarhide, b. Higgensville, MO. granddaughter of John Dollarhide, d. 1928.

Date:  September 23, 1999 

Name: Phyllis Hoyt
City/State: IA
Country: US
Comments: Nice Site. Am looking for the Dollarhide name in KY. A Martha Dollarhide was to have married Martin Wallen in the 1880's or so. does anyone know of this. Thanks Phyllis Hoyt

 Date: September 22, 1999

Name: Cassie Dollarhide
City/State: Granville, OH
Country: USA
Comments: Hey,I'm 15 and my family and I are wanting to know the rest of the Dollarhide family,so feel free to email me.

 Date: September 12, 1999 

Name: dollarhide john zachry
City/State: oxford mississippi
Country: usa
Comments: Don't know about the Dollahites although constantly getting our name spelled that way. Are you a Dollarhide? Did a search and this came up.

 Date:  September 10, 1999 

Name: Chris Jones
Comments: We are looking for the descendants that settled in Southwest Virginia- Patrick County, Va and Surry County North Carolina- His name was Walter Reid Dollarhite and he died circa 1948- Can you help? My work e-mail is You can contact me here or there- Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you- My Mother-in-laws name is Dollarhite- Chris Jones

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