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Date: September 09, 1999 

Name: grady doyle dollarhide
City/State: santa rosa ca
Country: usa

Date: September 09, 1999

Name: Brenda Dollarhide
City/State: Idabel,Ok
Country: US
Homepage: none
Comments: Wife of Garry Dollarhide whose grandfather was Martin Dollarhide

Date:  September 09, 1999

Name: Nancy Alene Dollarhide
Comments: I am searching for any information on my father, William Marshall Dollarhide. He was born in Oklahoma and married my mother during World War II. They were divorced when I was three months old. I am curious to know if you have any information on this man. Thank you for your time.

Date: August 28, 1999 

Name: kathryn Dollarhide
City/State: FT Worth TX
Country: USA
Comments: Wife of Robert E Dollarhide.His Great,Great Grandfather was James samples Dollarhide.

Date: August 23, 1999 

Name: Suzanne Hodnick
City/State: Hamden, CT
Country: USA
Comments: We maybe related. My mothers father was Milton Jerome Dollarhide. He was from Fall River Mills, CA and Burney, CA. His mother was Belle Bartel. Please let me know if there is a possible relation. Thanks. Suzanne Hodnick.

Date: August 23, 1999 

Name: Dollarhide
Comments: I am a Dollarhide, very interested in tracing my father's family. He was Donald King, his father was Harold Harry, his family came from Pennsylvania and all settled in Iowa and Nebraska. I can be reached at

 Date: August 22, 1999 

Name: Vicki Dollarhide Bailey
City/State: Ft.Worth,Tx
Country: USA
Comments: I am the daughter of Robert Dollarhide, born in Arkansas. My grandfather was Wade Preston Dollarhide. My ancestor is James Samples Dollarhide of Arkansas. I am really excited about finding this web site. My family is interested in finding out more about the name/family.

Date: August 20, 1999 

Name: Jo Ann Dollarhide Rippy
Comments: My name is Jo Ann Dollarhide Rippy. My father's name was Robert Percy Dollarhide. His father was Simon Edward Dollarhide. My father was born in DeQueen, Arkansas, Sevier County.

Date:  August 20, 1999 

Name: Brenda Dollarhide
City/State: FL
Country: USA
Comments: I met you the other day in the music store. It was nice to talk to you. It's kind of weird to talk to someone with the same last name as me especially on the other side of the country.

 Date: August 12, 1999

Name: john hayes
City/State: Norman, OK
Comments: Presently employed by Cowboy Hall of Fame in OK city. Will nominate Ross Dollarhide for Rodeo Honors next year, need help.

Date:  July 28, 1999 

Name: Omega Murphy
City & State: Upland, CA
Country: USA
Comments: Enjoyed the Dollarhide history. My ancestor was James Samples Dollarhide b. in KY in 1818, married Mary King and later her sister Martha and fathered 22 children. He was a judge in Sevier County Arkansas. Died in 1899 and buried in Dollarhide Cemetery in Rocky Comfort (now Foreman) Arkansas.

Date: July 28, 1999

Name: William Dollarhide
City & State: Salt Lake City
Comments: Message to Clarice W. Cox, whose earlier Guestbook message asked about Ezekiel Dollarhide in 1800 census, Randolph Co NC. Check the spelling on the original census manuscript and you will see it is not Ezekiel but "Ezekiah", and this man was not Ezekiel, but "Hezekiah", his name misspelled by the census taker. There was an Ezekiel in Caswell Co NC who died in 1790, and his widow, Mary Long Dollarhide left a will. A partition of Ezekiel's estate after 1790 shows that he had 7 daughters only, two of which married men named Dollarhide. Hezekiah Dollarhide moved to Wayne Co IN in about 1813 and is in the 1820 census there, along with my ancestor, Jesse Dollarhide. Don't know Hezekiah's first wife's name, but he married again late in life to Dicey Brown in Wayne Co IN about 1824, and is in the 1830 census for Randolph Co IN with a couple of young children. Descendants of his second marriage still living in Northeast Indiana and southern Michigan via his son, Emsley Dollahite. There are several land deeds and other records relating to Hezekiah in Randolph Co NC . Along with Hezekiah, you will find Ashahel Dollarhide in Randolph Co NC, and Ashahel had a daughter who married a Cox. Both Dollarhide and Cox names appear in Marion Co IN, 1820-1840. See the History of Marion Co and Indianapolis, IN by B. Sulgrove for a very nice biography of Asahel and family members.

 Date: July 26, 1999 

Name: Betty Jo McDaniels
City & State: Va.Beach, VA
Country: USA
Comments: Searching for the family of Elizabeth Lucinda Dollarhide b abt 1837 NC, md bef.1856 James Anderson Sayers of Wythe Co., VA.

Date:  July 26, 1999 

Name: Clarice W. Cox
City & State: Memphis,TN
Comments: Ezekial Dollerhide is listed in the 1800 census of Randolph, Co., NC. with four boys and three girls. Can anyone give me his wife's or children's names?

Date: July 24, 1999

Name: Barbara Jean Dollarhide Amick
City & State: Sea. WA
Country: U.S.
Comments: My Grandfather was Charley Dollarhide from Ogden, AR. My father was Charles Dollarhide. I'd love to hear from any of the Dollarhide's who might be related.

Date:  July 22, 1999 

Name: Lee Dollarhide
City & State: grove,oklahoma
Country: usa
Comments: This is a great site to find out a little more about our family history. I appreciate the hard work that was put into the site. Keep up the good work

Date:  July 20, 1999 

Name: Richard Dennis Dollarhide
City & State: Lake Havasu City,Az
Country: USA
Comments: We have such an unusual name that it appears we are all related. My family is in Arizona and Calif. We can trace family tree through Nebraska, Ohio, to the Carolinas. I am second generation law enforcement, have a cousin that is same. My son Ron is 3rd generation.

Date:  July 19, 1999 

Name: Alan
City & State: Dhahran
Country: Saudi Arabia
Comments: Grandson of Mable Johnson nee: Dollarhide (divorced) from my grandfather Joel Randolph Youngblood of TX. Mable Dollarhide was born 12-23-1901 in Davis, OK - indian territory now known as Murray county. Her father was Thomas Dollarhide and mother was Annie Ferguson.

 Date:  July 18, 1999 

Name: Jay L. Troxell
City & State: Hagerstown, MD
Country: USA
Comments: My great-great grandmother was Julia Eliza Delahyde, born 1808 in Baltimore, MD. Information available says she was from an old Baltimore family. I am looking for her parents. She married John Flemming Osborne and her first son was Thomas William Osborne.

Date: July 11, 1999 

Name: Joel Luttiano-Dollahites
City & State: Wehnimers
Country: Elanthia
Comments: Wow, what a rich family history we have! My son Kyle sure will be proud.

Date:  July 10, 1999 

Name: Ginger Ann Dollarhide
City & State: Woodward,OK
Country: USA
Comments: Father and Mother were William David(Bill) and Gladys(Chapman) Dollarhide. Idabel, Okla.Sisters: Myself, Norma Gail , Glenda Kay, & Carol Jean. would like email from any Dollarhide's.

 Date: July 06, 1999 

Name: Jennifer Dollarhide
City & State: Oregon
Country: USA
Comments: I live in Oregon and have many relatives here, but unfortunately, I don't know any of them. I always hear, "do you have family in Rogue River" ... or ... "do you know so and so Dollarhide from Klamath Falls?" And I always have to say no. My father, Gerald Dollarhide, had 7 brothers and sisters, who all have at least 3 kids. I am very close with my immediate family and cousins, aunts and uncles. Other than that though, I am lost. It would be nice to know a bit more on our family history. My great grandparents were Native Americans, so I would also be interested in finding out more on our heritage that way also.

Date: July 06, 1999 

Name: Don Gary Dollarhide
City & State: Frankston, TX
Country: US
Comments: My father is Russel A. Dollarhide born in 1900 in indian territory. His father was Charles S. Dollarhide, who ran in the Cherokee Strip and settled there, which is now the town of Morrison OK. We believe he is the son of John S. Dollarhide. If anyone has any information about John S. or Charles' wife Ellen N. Kent or her mother, please contact me. I have really enjoyed the site!!

 Date:July 06, 1999 

Name: Patsy McQuivey
Comments: Hi my name is Patsy McQuivey, my mother is the daugther of DeWitt Talamage Dollahite, his father is Daniel Webster Dollahite Jr. I have just found the web site for the Dollarhides and Dollahites and am very excited to finally hear from anyone knowing anything about this family. I am greatful for all the work that has gone into this and would be even more greatful for anything more I could find out. Thank you so very much!

 Date: June 28, 1999 

Name: Martin Roy
City: Miami
Country: USA
Comments: Great site. Visit mine and subcribe for free to my New Genealogy Books Announcement List

 Date:  June 03, 1999 

Name: Robert Dollarhyde
City: Saint Paul
Country: U S A
Comments: I Robert am a realative of Jesse Dollarhyde, Of Wise county Va 24283 There are six members in my family I have lived here 40 years;Raised 4 children. I work in a coal mines for 22 years. I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters. My mothers name was Rosa Dollarhyde. She is buried at Castlewood Va. If anyone would like to talk please follow up. My post office box is 34 Sain Paul, Va 24283. Contact me if you have any questions.

 Date:  June 01, 1999 

Name: William Dollarhide
City: Salt Lake City
Country: USA
Comments: I have prepared a descendancy of Jesse and Nancy Dollarhide of Jackson County, Oregon through five generations. This is Jesse, Jr., son of Jesse, Sr. and wife Nancy (Pierson) Dollarhide, who were married in Preble Co OH in 1813, moved to Wayne Co IN in 1814, moved to Fayette Co IN in 1827, then Tippecanoe Co IN in 1835. Jesse Sr. died in Tippecanoe Co IN in December 1840. He had four sons and two daughters: John, Jesse, Jr., William, Joel, Nancy, and Mary. Rev. John Dollarhide took his family to California in 1860. Jesse, Jr. followed in 1861, then went to Jackson Co OR in 1867. William came to Oregon in the 1880s, he was a Methodist minister. Joel died in Council Bluffs, Iowa in the 1870s; Nancy married Preston McCorkle in 1843 but died a year later; Mary married Michael Bridgeman. All of these people mentioned in the descendancy for Jesse, Jr. who married Nancy Murphey. Written in Word Perfect 7.0, about 19 pages in length. If anyone wants a copy, send me an E-mail message at and I will reply and include an attachment of the Jesse Dollarhide descendancy.

Date:  May 23, 1999 

Name: Deana M. Holmes
City: Salt Lake City, UT
Country: USA
Comments: My mother is Mary Pauline Dollarhide (Holmes) and she is a descendant of John Dollarhide, born 1751 in North Carolina, through Asahel, Cornelius, Eugene and Herman Dollarhide. I'm just getting started on the family genealogy, so finding this website was really great. The history of the Dollarhide name and family by William Dollarhide is particularly neat.

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